Owl Pellet Song

Yes, you read the title right, there's actually a song dedicated to owl pellets. The owl pellet song is performed by David Bydlowski and Fred Ribits of Science Explosion. If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to it yet, you can check out the video below. Bydlowski and Ribits song is a catchy, educational beat which takes you through everything from unwrapping the aluminum foil around the owl pellet to dissecting it and piecing the bones together.

If you're a teacher or educator looking for a better way to teach your students about owl pellets, you should play the video below during class. Countless teachers from across the country use the owl pellet song video to walk their students through the owls feeding process. It's fun, catchy, contains great information and besides, who doesn't like the owl pellet song?

Note: These guys are highly talented and if you enjoy the owl pellet song, I recommend checking out some of their other educational melodies. You can even purchase a "Sing The Science" CD copy from their website listed above. Whether you're a teacher or not, you're sure to find enjoyment out of the Sing The Science CD.